As a cross-disciplinary collective, we leverage empirical research grounded in our audience theory – Identity Vulnerability. Our work incorporates brand marketing best practices and lives as multimedia stories and experiences supporting identity empowerment and pro-social engagement. We believe that personal narratives are the most powerful influencer.

What we do

  • Audience Research
  • Creative Strategy and Communications Planning
  • Campaign Development, Execution and Distribution
  • Local Network Development
  • Ongoing Management/Consulting

Who we work with

  • Governments and Government Agencies
  • NGOs, Think Tanks, nonprofit organizations
  • Academia
  • Private Sector Agencies and Brands
  • Tech Companies

Unique Value Proposition

The ‘MPOWER Project’s work is grounded in academic style research, which then informs development of content strategy, messaging concepts and campaign execution. We are also in-process with development of technology that will target distribution of campaign messaging to at-risk individuals using the NGO’s audience theory – Identity Vulnerability via social and digital media. Finally, technology build out will allow for continued audience learnings to inform future campaigns and allow for rigorous campaign monitoring and evaluation.

Unique Value Proposition

We use the same audience insights framework that consumer marketers use to achieve maximum engagement and narrative resonance. We specialize in a multi-disciplinary marketing approach and develop content for campaigns using the same strategies, tactics and creative framework that consumer brand marketing campaigns are developed with.

Where we work

The ‘MPOWER Project works globally. The solution framework is meant to be customized to capture geographical, messaging and audience nuance.


Today’s challenge of online recruitment to violence based ideology, including attachment to conspiracy theory and mis/dis and mal-information sit at the nexus of politics, culture, social justice issues and tech/media. The need to understand the intersection of policy, social issues and individual psychology is paramount to determining how information and messaging influence those most vulnerable in order to shift the reality from reaction to prevention.


Today’s challenge of online recruitment to violent extremism sits at the nexus of politics, cultural trends, technology and media – the need to understand the relationship between policy and the social issues and causes that influence individuals is paramount in order to shift the conversation from reaction to prevention and anti-radicalization.


Our team brings together 40+ years of combined experience in security policy and data analysis, conflict resolution, military and intelligence operations, marketing, journalism and strategic communications – all through a trauma informed lens that has enabled us to develop a holistic 360 approach that prioritizes the human element first – and is about prevention at the core.