We reach vulnerable audiences before they are exposed to harmful, coercive messaging and ideology. We believe there is a psychosocial state, often originating from trauma or other place of grievance, that allows someone to be susceptible. We operate with a razor thin margin of error and take a public health policy approach to identify individuals most vulnerable to extremist group recruitment or attachment to mis/disinformation and or conspiracy theory due to this vulnerable state of mind. Through exposure to insight-based messaging, we promote civic and community engagement and other pro social pathways to purpose.

Identity Vulnerability

Identity Vulnerability is the overarching audience theory developed by The ‘MPOWER Project from which all further audience research is done to gain deeper, more nuanced insight into the motivations, mindset and leading indicators of an audience that is susceptible to coercive and harmful narratives.

The theory of Identity Vulnerability – rooted in psychological constructs – is a subconscious state of mind, driven by negative circumstances beyond someone’s control, personal insecurity and or perceived injustice. This mindset increases susceptibility to coercive messaging and promotes an extreme world view that is intended to recruit, misinform and or otherwise exploit. These vulnerabilities cause someone to seek narratives and or groups that validate grievance, build (false) confidence and provide perceived identity, community and purpose.